Confused! Help! PLEASE!?

Okay so I Like a Guy that's 4 years older than me, I met him because he is the older brother of a friend of mine and he introduced us. I added him on MSN and talked to him for a long time then I started to have a crush on him. Then we stopped talking for a while but I saw him several times at school and every time he passed by me he just looked at me for a second and then walk away not even saying Hi! Once I was sitting with my friends on top of my school's backyard stairs and he was standing right at the bottom of the stairs. Every 5 minutes he stared at me but pretending not to. Today I was walking with Pam and Cri to The School's backyard and he was walking out he looked at me until cri pushed me in front of him and yelled "Marvi there's GMM!" and he stopped looking at me and walked away to talk to some of his friends Then Cri walked with me to where he was and pushed me for me to talk to him or tell him hi but I walked very fast out of there so I didn't even notice if he looked back 1 minute Later I realized that My Jacket fell and Cri kicked it to where he was so I went picked it up and go.(For the record Cri,pame and alexa are girls)

My Questions:

Why is he ignoring me?

Does he think I'm Annoying?

Why is he always staring at me?


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I am thinking that because of the age difference he may find you a little immature. Tho he may be attracted to you so he does look. He may think your too young for him, maybe he is waiting for you to get a year older? Tell your friend to stop pushing you in front of him.. 4 years is a lot if your still in high school. If your interested in him, I suggest you smile at him and say hi to him then wait for him to ask you out or to make the next move. If he likes you, he will smile and talk to you. If he continues to ignore you then he just isn't interested in you right now, not to say he won't be next school.


He may be insecure and not wanting to seem too interested so he doesn't get hurt. If you have been actively trying to get his attention by talking to him or IMing her incessantly (over and over), he might think you're annoying, but then again, he might not. The staring depends on several things. If you are someone who dresses or acts to get attention, it may be as simple as that. If not, he's probably looking because he likes to look at you. :-) Make good choices!


He is the only person who can give you an answer. But since nobody makes a 360* turn for no reason ,are you completely sure that you did not do something to make him mad at you. According to you,you guys talked for a long on MSN before you stopped talking with no hint of issues.Then out of the blue he stopped talking to you and even ignoring you at school. That does not add up or make any sense . I will suggest that you first ask yourself if you are somehow responsible for his actions;then ask your friend( who is his younger sister) if he mentioned his reasons for his current behavior or ask her why he is acting that way.If she gives you reasons or even if she tells you that she does not know why,you would still have to ask him. You can either ask him about whatever his sister has told you if anything or you can just come straight out and ask him if you have done anything to deserve the treatment he is giving you. His response will not only answer your questions but let you know your next step.That is your only option if you truly want to know the answers to the questions you asked.


i think hes likes u but is embarrassed that your 4 years younger


Ignore him and it should get his attention, IF NOT he doesn't care.


He likes you


omg really



He likes you but the problem might be tht he might think ur to young for him or social statues which is stupid