What do I say to him?

So I have this guy friend that I really like. He doesn't know I like him and we only see each other when we are both out (we are i college). I really want to take our friendship further but it seems more difficult because I have known him for years (more of an acquaintance than a close friend). I used to have his phone number but he got a new plan and do not have it anymore. A friend gave me his new number but I don't want it to seem weird when I text him and him say "who is this". What can i say that is funny and will break the ice so I can move things forward. Thanks in advanced!


Well, don't know of anything off the top of my head thats funny you could say, but I do have a answer to your "who is this" problem! You know how you can put a signature at the end of each text? put your name in! also, even though you didn't have his new number, that doesn't mean he doesn't still have yours if he switched his contact list over,(assuming he had your number)! he might not even think about it or wonder how you got it! If he does, say rememeber when you asked me out last weekend you gave it to me?! Sweetheart, if you like him and want to take things farther than just friends, than don't waste anytime! go for it and ask him to go out! Life is too short! plus you don't wantt take the chance of him starting to date someone else! go for it and tell him! good luck! ;D