Junior high crush please help !?

We where ok friends you know talked to each other a lot in grade school together in 4th grade. He was the short outgoing kid. Honestly he wasn't cute then. After 4th grade he changed schools. Yesterday my friend asked me does Adam Brown sound familiar to you? And i tell her don't you remember him? He's from 4th grade and she points to the lunch line and says that's him. At first i didn't know if it was him but you can see it in the face. And when i walked home with her after school i told her i he has gotten a LOT cuter. But i don't know if he remembers me and i don't have any classes with him so im like really disappointed. And im really shy around guys i like what should i do ?


you know, that sounds like me. always having a crush on some guy but being way to shy around most of them to ever have the guts to go up and just be friends. well don't hold back. definately just go and talk to him. whats the harm? "The biggest risk in life is risking nothing at all"

if you're gonna get anywhere with this guy then first step is to get talking to him again. I bet he'll be pretty happy to see you agian, and this time you guys could become even closer :) ;) haha goodluck.

i promise that was the one thing i regreted about junior high was never being outgoing and just letting my special guy slowly drift away ...i miss him.... haha don't be like me, i've already started to change my ways.


Go for it! there's no shame in talking to him and if you remember hin then most likely he remembers you! So go up to him and say hi or something don't be shy just got get him!


You like him because he's cute? That is insane. If girls don't want guys to like them based on their looks, why should you be able to fo the opposite?

Hope I helped.?


Way way too young to possibly do anything remotely important enough to impact the wrest of your life. He has cooties. Just don't become a hooker. They're a dime a dozen.


You can tell him, how cute he is and stuff.

Ask if he remembers you.

Ask for his cell number.

I know you're shy, but it's not hard to say, "You're cute". Really quickly.

Send of signals, that he can pick up, and possibly he'll ask you out.

Good Luck!


i know exactly how you feel, ive had the same problem. You just need to become friends with him and get more comfortable, and ways to do this is just simply saying, "hey! i remember you from grade 4" and just sorta start conversations with him and since he doesnt have many friends because hes new, he will definitaly hang out with you if you guys become friends. Hope this helped (: