How can i break up with my girlfriend at dinner?

this is her account by the way... ok so i don't really like my girlfriend. i want to break up with her! so how should i do it without breakin her heart? i had an idea to "accidently" light her hair on fire at dinner tonight cause she wears a lot of hairspray what do you guys think?


THAT IS SOO MEAN! Why would you break up with her at dinner? It's just like what will probably happen in the first movie of the Legally Blond when the dude breaks up with the girl at dinner. IF YOU DO, THEN YOU'LL REGRET IT!


Make sure you offer her dessert first...duhh


Lighting her hair on fire? thats a bit harsh! why not just let her check this question and she will get the point u idiot!


So you use her account to ask how to braek up with are despicable .


Yea attempted murder will do, along with arrson.. Lol jk naw but it's gonna crush her heart anyways, but it better than living in a lie.


wow, jus leave this question up for her to see an she'll get to see the real you. gosh lighting her hair on fire? what is wrong with you?


ARE YOU CRAZY?! lighting her hair on fire?! are you a man or a little 10 year old immature boy? just politely tell her that you think that its not going to work out in between you guyz and that you guyz should move on.... if she starts yelling at you or something just quitely walk away


Are you kidding me. How do you accidentally set her hair on fire, unless you want to kill her. Or are you like the guy from Poe'e tell-tale-heart? "It wasn't the pretty little girl, it was her hairspray..!" :-)

Listen, dude, don't go about breaking her poor little heart. She'll hate you forever for it. She wears hairspray, that means she likes to take care of herself...:-)

Then again, if you really need to drop the pumpkin from the patch, then go like this...You know sweetie, salt and pepper go together...but you're sugar and I'm pepper...I want you to be with a better guy who can mix well with you...

Or you could go something like, This dinner sucks! This place sucks! This world sucks! We suck! Our relationship sucks! You know what, I think I need some time-off...:-) Atleast you'd come around...gosh how many girlfriends do ya have dude?