Should I just tell this girl how I feel about her?

I am a 17 year old boy and I met this girl sophomore year

we are both seniors now and same age same grade at the same school

Since I met her 2 years ago we have become really good freinds with some complications here and there

anyways I knew she used to know that I liked her because of my loudmouth freinds

but Im not sure if she still knows or she acts oblivious to it or what

Anyways I dont wanna tell the whole story so I am asking in the long run or no matter what the circumstances should I JUST tell her To her face that I like her and how I feel about her


Definitley, just tell her then at least you won't keep wondering what could happen. If your really good friends thats a great start because you must have stuff in common. Maybe she acts oblivious to it because she doesnt want you to feel embaressed. Tell her, dont be worried your friends, so you will feel comfortable asking her rather than a complete stranger. Go For It !

Hope it works out


Yea no point in thinking about that "What if?" through your whole life.

Get your confidence up, if you don't want your friendship to end , then just tell her ,look I still have these feelings for you and I still like you, so I'm just wondering if you feel the same too, if not then alright I'll deal with it because I still want to be your friend instead of losing you forever.

Or you could just be stubborn about it and be like I still like you and this is how i feel blah blah.. and that I won't give up on you even if you say no.

Or just say what YOU want to say and do, listening to yourself is usually saying that's who YOU are instead of taking someone else's advice. But yea good luck man.


i guess if you want to cut the chase and get to the point, yeah you should just tell her but be prepared for her reaction whether it would be good or bad.