I feel kinda stupid asking this. I've gotten tons of advice from friends and my mom but I want to know what it means when a guy who you've known for ever sometimes shows he likes you, then as soon as you think it's about to change your relationship...he tells someone else he likes them..

I've known this guy for close to 8 years, and i've liked him forever. You know the elementary school crush that continues to high school. Well he liked me in 6th grade and I totals shut him biggest regrets...and then he started liking another girl, while I was stuck in the dust.

Some of the things he's done through the years are:

1. water fight the sitting close (summer 2009 before he 'dated' someone else within a week)

2. Picked me flowers, tried to buy me lunch, gave me his money for my missions trip (right after he and the girl broke up...then 'dated another girl summer of 2010)

3. Held my hand after a major tickle fight..two days before I broke up with my ex...(December...then told another girl he liked her 2 days later)

4.Held my hand again after a 2-3hr tickle fight...(then held another girls hand exactly a week later)

He recently apologized to me about holding my hand. He said that he felt bad for everything and he didn't expect me to be able to forgive him...I did ad when I told him we could still be friends he said He couldn't believe it. And that I couldn't even know how happy he was because I was so important to him... He apologized for hurting me and it ment a lot...

My mom says its just cause he treasures our friendship and that he's confused by all the hormones but i want to know what you guys think...

I dont care if you agree with my mom please give me advice and opinion on my relationship with him. Please no cussing



He DOES like you, and You are his primary choice because he has loved you since 6th grade. HOWEVER, since you HAVE shot him down, did you expect him to linger on you forever? If you show no signs of liking him back, or not giving any big hints, he is going to go for his second choice. Remember, he has already attempted and failed. It is difficult to try again. If you like him now, TELL HIM. I am willing to bet ANYTHING that he still likes you and just told a different girl because he thought he failed again. Men like options. If you tell him, he will definitely ask you out :D Just do it quick before the other girl goes out with him!


youre his friend who hed like to go out with but isnt his main priority, he wants to get close for the possibility of you going out with him, he wants you to eventually crave him and love him. i do it all the time lol.


tell him how you feel if you feel the same way to him you have to hold on and hope something sweet comes out of this whole thing you have something great going just cause he is doing all that does mean anything he could just be waiting til you "wake up" and show him how you feel



hes a player sista.. ditch him


your just a friend with benefits, dump him. he just uses you when he has no one else..


Ride it out. See how it's going in a few months or so.


awwz give him some time sweetie he'll come around it sound like he likes you but is confuzzled. :)


What's there to advise? Your mom's probably right and you're probably better off with him as a close guy friend rather than push to turn it into more.