Getting felt up in class?

I was in class about a month ago and we were watching a movie, so the lights were off. Anyway me and this guy went in the back of the class and he felt me up. He also tried to finger me but I wouldn't let him because I didn't want anyone to see. Anyway we just acted like we were watching the movie the whole time. Should I have looked at him or touched him or something or was that what I should of done?


What did you want to do? If you didn't want to do anything else, don't do anything else. I'm sure he'll be happy either way.


u shod have touched him what wrong with u


Nah, your fine its during class


You could have kissed him.


if you like him then you should have done something or said something but if you dont like him talk to him about it


Don't feel like you owe a guy anything just cuz he did something for you, that'll just get you in bad situations


You shouldnt be doing that in class.

Once the lights come on on.....who knows lol