Why do you think this guy hasn't asked me out yet for a second date?

It has been five days since our first date. He made a point of telling me he had a great time on our date, wanted to make sure he made a good impression and asked me if I would go out w/him again. Of course, I said yes and that I had a blast, too. But, he hasn't asked me out again. He did slightly refer to another date. I was the one who hinted at going out w/him the first time, so I'm not going to ask him out. He isn't shy & he isn't short of money. He is supposed to be single & a nice guy, according to someone who works w/him. Why do you think he hasn't asked me out again & do you think he will? I don't think I've blown it at all except I have emailed him back too much, with too many messages. But, he initiated those messages. Thanks!


Wait another week. If he hasn't asked you out again by then, then move on.


Maybe he doesn't want seconds. Haha get it


He's just not that into you


Maybe you are screwed for life like I am. I hate when girls do this. I can't stand when you go out and have fun on the date and she says she would like to go out agian and then you never can get in touch or hear from her agian.