How can I distract myself while my bf studies abroad?

My Bf just left to study abroad for a semester. I just graduated from college and I am still looking for a job. Right now, he is having a great experience, while I am sitting at home bored and doing nothing nearly as interesting. When we talk on the phone, its always him talking because, lets face it, he has more interesting stories. What can I do to make my life more interesting? That doesnt cost too much money.


why don't you look into a short term working-abroad program, like teaching English in Japan? There are a lot of opportunities, it will build your resume, and you'll have good stories too : )

i waited around for someone abroad and it was a huge mistake and a waste of my time pining away and spending money to visit so make sure to put yourself first! remember, he's meeting new people all the time and you aren't there, so be cautious with your emotions


Study aman.:)

Go out with friends, focus on your work, study a foreign language.