My gf is thinking about breaking up with because i am athiest?

just because i do not believe in god she isn't sure she wants to be with me. I mean i guess i didnt see this coming since we've been having sex for a month and i've even gone to church with her a couple of times! I really really like her and we are so good together. I also believe i have good morals. No drugs, alcohol and i am very polite to her friends/family. I just dont understand, somebody explain her rationale to me ... :(


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If she cant respect your opinion then don't be with her.You have independence you should make your own decisions.No one wants to be told what to believe in.


it actually sounds like shes trying to find a reson to break up with you for another dude... sorry


What makes her Christian and you not? If she has sex then she's going to hell in her opinion...

I'm Christian and I think she's stupid dude. That's hypocritical of her to do that!


if you really love her get baptized. my dad was atheist and my mom broke up with him because of it but he then became a Catholic and now they have been married for 23 years!


If she loved you then religion wouldn't matter. She doesn't know how retarted she is acting.


People that are committed to their religion usually don't date people outside of that religion because it would make them "stray from the path." That's just how it is.


That's just how some people are. they strongly believe in what they believe in and there's not really anything you can do about it.


haha...and i thought atheist people were close-minded....joking!

talk to her saying you don't think religion should come between people...that's how things like the Holocaust, Christian assasinations, etc. are started.... you don't have to mention the last part