Am I cheating on my boyfriend?

I have a boyfriend of 5 months, but in the past month im really confused about how I feel about him.. Because of other guys, Ive been going to hockey games, texting with this one guy. We flirt, but the most I've done was hug him. But now there's guy number too.. I went on a double date with him.. We were very flirty and I gave him my number. & now we text.. I like all 3 guys. I don't know what to do. Am I cheating?


Yes. You are cheating on your guy by robbing him of connecting with you emotionally, see this is how we love with our hearts and if you can not give him but a small part of you I would seriously rethink being in a relationship with him at all. You are emotionally unavailable to him and seek comfort and compliments from other guys that is worse than having a one night stand.


you know whats worng and whats right! i think yeah you whent on a date with one


Everyone has different definitions of cheating. I say you aren't yet. Until you kiss another guy, I wouldn't call it cheating. Hugging and being friendly happens with good friends too.