What to do in this situation...?

I will first say that I cannot believe this is happening to me. For some time now, I have been in a predicament. This young girl and I are in a same class together in school. She is a high school senior and I a high school junior. Over time I have been realizing that I have begun to develop a deep infatuation for this girl, progressively becoming stronger. I am certain she cannot feel the same for me, I know it. It especially became stronger when I came in for lunch at a restaurant by myself, and I saw her working there. I wish that I never came to that place that day, possibly I would not feel this way as strong. In fact, I wish that I would never been in a class with her. After this incident and as time passed seeing her in this class, this infatuation has reached a level in which I even dress nicer on the day I see her, think of her when I am in certain places, and even take walks in a park during the evening listening to romantic music thinking of her. Worst of all, she is on my mind a great deal of the time. When I see this girl I immediately feel my heart as if it were sinking. I suffer from emotional problems such as anxiety and depression, therefore disabling me to engage in a relationship (I have never been in a relationship), because I simply cannot handle it, so this is not at all healthy for me. Lately she has come into class with (I think) a photo of a another young man with her hugging her. I have tried to take a good look at this photo in an effort to try to convince myself that this young man in this photo is her boyfriend engaged with her in a romantic relationship (hoping that this would convince me that she is already in a relationship, therefore helping me in a way to overcome this situation) and that this is all pointless, but to date I could not. This is tragic for me, as I already suffer from emotional issues and this only adds to them. What I most fear out of this situation, is not being able to overcome this feeling for this young girl before the last days of school, in which I will see her for the last times and then never see her again.

I consider this truly a hindrance, I must find a way to overcome this before the last day of this school year. As I have mentioned before, I cannot believe this is happening to me. I am aware that this is very "childish" and "immature", but it has gotten to the point were I had to ask for some advice, even if it meant asking for it this way.

My question is... what can I do in this situation? How can one possibly "attempt" to "fall" out of love with another?

All answers are appreciated...


overall: it'll take time to fall "out" of love with someone.. but the main thing is to get your mind off of them! so meeting people and starting to talk to someone else is the key. and involve your self in more public places to get you r mind off of her. like the gym when working out..

i hope i helped!

please help me:;…