So i asked this girl out?

Alright so there's this girl in my drivers ed class and i asked for her number and she gave it to me, i could have been a little more smooth but hey i got it. Anyways i went up to her after class and was like "_______ do you want to see a movie on friday with me?" she was like no i have a basketball game on friday sorry. should i ask her again or ask her when she would be able to do something, what do you think?


The girl gave you her #, and once she had other plans. Def do a retry.


No harm in a retry, but if this fails abort the plan.


Text-ing wouldn't hurt, but it can be a social crutch if we rely on it too heavily. Try and work a phone call in before you meet, if possible. Work in progressive steps so she won't get frustrated and move on. Good luck. :)

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