How to flirt with her? Am I doing right by letting her come to me?

I asked this question a little while ago, but I'm still needing a few more opinions and advice.

About a month ago, I took my personal trainer out on a date. We had a good time, but I think we may have rushed things a bit too quickly. After the 1st date, she started to distance herself from me. I asked her out on a 2nd date, but never could secure it. To make matters worse, we would barely talk to each other when we would work out together (we see each other 2-3 times a week). However, these last 2 weeks, we've really started to re-socialize a lot. When we're at the gym, we talk a lot, joke around, make inside jokes with each other, some dirty talk, and some light touching/hitting. Also, last week, she told me some VERY personal things about her past. I know I'm definitely flirting with her, I'm just not sure if she is flirting with me.

I've made the decision, on advice from friends, not to ask her out again (I've asked her out on a 2nd date twice) and to let her come to me, if and when she is ready. I think I would like to eventually pursue an actual relationship with her, if the opportunity is right and she is interested. Not just looking for a casual hook up.

So, I guess my question(s) are as follows:

1. What advice would you give me on flirting? Keep doing what I'm doing or is there something I'm missing that I should be doing? Should I keep it the same, back off a little, or step it up?

2. What are some things I can do to really get her interested?

3. Am I doing right by not asking her out again and letting her come to me?


You should keep doing what your doing. But if your looking for a jumpstart here is what to do. Get her talking about things she likes to do. If you have to bring up things you like until she responds. So little as to dang, it's so cold outside can't wait to take my boat out to fish or just ride around. If she likes fishing or boats she will jump in. Or no boat. Then. Something like, I haven't been bowling in a long time, but would really like too. Not much to do with it so cold outside. She will jump or not. If this is still not your thing, find something that is and find a clever way to mention it to see what her reaction will be. Create the opportunity. She will jump or she wont. But create as many as you can until you know what her intrests are. Good Luck!


- it looks like to me you are doing just fine on your own! Lol! Just go with it and i think you are doing right by letting her become ready! Just show her you are intersted and be patient! It will all fall into place! TRUST ME! Tehe :) xoxo <3

hope this helped