Will this freak him out if I say this?

There's this guy who I think is really hot but we never talk! I was planning to ask him to dance at our last dance but he wasn't there. I sent him a message on facebook:

Me: Why weren't you at the dance? haha

Him: Wanted to go but couldn't had an away swim meet

If I say, "That's too bad, I was gonna ask you to dance," is that too much too soon? If it is, what should I say instead?


nooo woman! just say i was hoping you would be there haha...then if he small talks dont bother mentioning it to avoid further embarrasments


go for it


thats fine


I don't think it sounds bad.


Say you were hoping to see him there


Nope. I think you're good with that.


Say it girl. :) You can do it. Haha