Would you be turned off buy face scars?

would you be turned off buy face scars both are not deep or big or acne related if you would actually like them why is it most girls are shy round me the out going ones ask about them but some girls are quite round me compared to my friends i don't think i look scary or nothing been told i look tough but that's people's view. i have never asked a girl what they think i just tell them why they are there when they ask. in my head i get kind of paranoid i don't show it but i think they get put off buy me but i am not too sure because there all ways friendly and some times flirty.


Kids might have a bit of a hard time with it, only because they don't know better yet and are immature. The kids that are smart realize that you need to get to know somebody first before you make an opinion. You should be paranoid, people are always going to be curious whether is the scars on your face or what you are wearing... As long as you are a nice person that's all we really want. I met a guy, back in my 20's that had bad acne scars, I have to admit I wasn't attracted to him, but after getting to know him and realizing how nice, generous and fun he was, I didn't really even notice the scars and we dated for quite sometime. Don't bring the scars up in conversation, if someone asks tell them, let them notice YOU first, not the scars.


std scars are hot.


nope. theyre sexy.


Not turned off; not turned on.

I have a mark under my eye from when I was a toddler. I apparently wandered under a teeter-totter that was in use lol


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