How do you know when someone is too thin?

basically i am really bad at judging if people are too thin. and when you think they start looking unattractive

i have suffered from an eating disorder, although i know i am not fat, when i look in the mirror i still think i am,

if its not too much to ask would you mind puting a link of a picture of a girl who is on the edge of being too skinny? (from google images or somewhere)

then i can maybe see where i fit in?

and obviously everyone will have their different opinions

and comments welcome &thankyou :)


I think this girl has a perfect body, She looks natural and healthy. I also feel that if this girl got any skinnier, she would be too skinny.…

this girl is starting to look unhealthy, You are starting to see bones and she is losing her hourglass shape and is looking more like a boy:…

This girl looks disgustingly skinny:…

I can understand where you are at.. I never had an eating disorder but I had a metabolism disorder and it made it extremely hard for me to keep a healthy weight, I was always underweight and I hated it. I was always bony, I never had boobs, I never felt like a sexy girl. Now Im 5'2" and about 115 lbs and Its a great weight for my body type.

Good luck!


Ask your good friends, if they have rolls then they are probably fat.

If they are lanky and very un muscular and look very fagile, they might be too thin.

If you have no big bodily issues then you're the right size.

And nobody needs a model body to be the right size!

You just need to be happy with yourself, dont give a **** what other people think.

It's your friggen body, nobody else's. YOURS. or THEIRS.

Anyways, I hope this answer helped, sorry if it was useless.

Here's a link to a good sized girl.,r:4,s:0

Ps. Boobs can be a huge incidator of fat. They aren't always, but in usual cases.


I tried googling our same birthdays


Any BMI chart.

If you want us to tell you our opinion, your height and weight would help.



Hon, I think you need to speak with a counselor at school. I think they will be able to help you much more than people on yahoo.


who caresz ?

theree are many skinny people, but it dosen't mean theyy havee an eatiinq diisorder or theyy are unhealthyy . too skinny is. . afican starviinq kidszz