I know a girl likes me and I like her back. But how do I become her boyfriend.?

Hi. I am 12. i know a girl likes me, and i like her back. But how do i actually become her boyfriend. she does know i like her, but i did not tell her, one of my friends told her. Thanks!


Just ask her! Say "wanna go to the movies this weekend?" or skmething. If she says yes, and you guys have fun, that's a positive. Then make a move and ask "will you go out with me?"

good luck :)


ask her to her more...text her her more...but still give her the space she needs


tell her how you feel go and ask to be her bf what are you afraid of you know she likes you


Ask to hang out with her and actually ask her..she isn't gonna know for sure if you really like her unless you hang out together(: