Does she like me or are we only friends?

Had our first date on Valentines day and we laughed a lot but did not flirt at all. but at the end she gave me a big hug and said we should hang out again ... dont know where we stand. i told her i would call her in 2 weeks cause i'm going on a trip but told her she could text me whenver. it has been 6 days and nothing


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Sounds like your first date went okay, although you should have gotten a kiss at least if it was Valentine's day. It seems like she's interested in you. Try texting her on your trip and then ask her out when you come back. The second date should show you if she likes you or not.


She is prob just scared because you have not tex her shes just waiting on you.

Us women can be shy and hard headed I would just call her and see how that goes you make the first step


Sounds like she wants too be more then friends. Just try texting her first, That's probably why you haven't heard nothing from her.


dating is for getting to know people, going out and having fun, not sex

most girls are taught not to initiate contact to wait for guy.


Maybe she see's you guys as just friends..tahts what i'm thinking..but i'm not sure..she could also just be nervous and doesnt know when to call..if you think you guys had a connection call her..good luck!


If she says yes to a date on Valentines day, I'm sure she is interested in you... About the text, she is probably waiting for you to text first.. (Maybe)


Girls like to be chased. Play into her game a little bit. Shoot her a text or phone call and see how she is doing.

Just don't look desperate. You have to chase just the right amount. Girls, man--what can you do?

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if im perfectly honest, it doesnt sound that great to me. no flirting on a date is one thing but no flirting on V day? at the end of a really good date i would expect an appropriate kiss and a 2nd date made. why not be straight with her .. text her something that will make her laugh (maybe something u laughed at on ur date?) and ask her if she if free friday