Ladies, does this girl like me?

i've caught her staring at me in class a few times, but a majority of the time, she doesnt look my way. Also, when i was walking to my car, she was staring at me from her car, just watching. Lol

Anyways, in class she has a 40 year old sitting to her right (we're at the community college), and no one to her left.

Should i sit next to her next class? does it sound like she likes me? what can i talk about to her? i have 0 experience with women. And sometimes i just lock up and dont say anything.


i think she likes you! i do that sometimes when i like a guy... when they look at me i look somwwhere else... i think she does that because she is not sure if u like go ahead and sit next to her and start talking to her because believe me i dont think she will make a move!


Hey, if she's staring so much so interested in something. I'd go for it. No harm in trying.


she might be interested in you, sit by her! take a chance! u never know till you try


she likes you. for sure. ask her out.


Take a chance and sit next to her.

If that doesn't go well than at least you tried.


I think she likes you! When we stare at you often, that means we have an interest in you! I think you should sit by her and start talking to her! You never know what could happen!


yes sit next to her and if see is interested in you see will start talking to you then it will come to you for what to say. comment her like say she pretty or something like that. comment he eyes and her hair. a woman's hair is like a mans car its valuable lol