If he loves me why would he do this?

MY BF TOLD ME that he has no need to look at other women because he loves me so much and is completely happy with me, i havent got a lot of confidence so he also knows how much it would hurt me. i picked up his phone the other day to look at pictures and found pictures of women he downloaded off porn sites he was browsing, he didnt try to make excuses he admitted that yes he wanted to look at othe naked women, im devestated i feel betrayed, worthless, heartbroken, just numb. how can i eel confident with him now or trust him after he knew how i felt? if he was happy with theway i look and with our sex life then why would he be browsing looking for naked women? because i love him i dont want him to go but after hes made me feel this way should i tell him to pack his bags? we have a baby so why would he jeprodise our relationshp, he cant love me can he to make me feel so low over some slutty pictures? guys opinions please swell thankyou for any replies


Guys would be looking at other naked women even if you were Miss America! It has nothing to do with his happiness with you whatsoever. I know it feels that way if you don't have a lot of confidence in how you look, but you just can't be thinking about that. You need to walk around like you're the most gorgeous thing that ever walked this earth, especially when you're around him. What have you got that these nude models don't? HIM! You can reach out and touch him, which I assure you is so much more alluring than looking at some picture on his camera phone. Use that to your advantage!

Don't ask him to give up looking at these women online or downloading them to his phone. Let him know that you don't like it, but don't tell him he can't do it. You want to try to hold onto this relationship, not get rid of it. If he thinks you're being overly possessive of him, then he'll want to leave you.

I think this is something that a lot of us women go through, and it's normal to feel the way you do. However, you get over it soon enough (I know I did) and it just gets to be no big deal.


He does not want another woman, he wants you . . . but your insecurity in general has also gone over to the way you present yourself to him. Sure he may be happy with the way you look, but when was the last time you acted sexy with him . . . . he is only 'looking' at pictures of what you hide from him. His need to see your sexy body has not gone away because YOU don't have confidence . . . . you must realize he is a man, and looking (without touching) is not a reason to tell him to pack his bags. Seems as if your insecurity plays a bigger role in your relationship than you think. He has not made you feel low, you are just looking for an excuse to feel that way since it is easier than try to have self confidence.

My husbands opinion was simple, grow up. So you found it, it is not to say he is not thinking it all the time . . . would THAT also hurt you feelings. An insecure woman is just as bad as a high maintenance one, just not as fun.


I don't think you should leave him over porn. No matter how attracted a man is to his girlfriend, he's gonna look at porn. Its nothing against you or how you look.

At least it wasn't pics of women that he had been talking to or something like that.

Some couples actually enjoy watching porn or looking at the pics together. Maybe if he includes you in this act than you won't feel so betrayed. I used to feel the same way about it as you did. But actually had an open an honest conversation about it with my boyfriend and viewed some porn with him and it doesn't bother me anymore. I can't always satisfy his every need. I'm not around 24/7 and these images help him take care of the needs I can't.

Another idea would be. Taking sexy pictures for him. I know you said you aren't happy with your body. But he wouldn't be with you if he wasn't happy with it and might enjoy seeing you that way. You can try many different angles to hide what you don't like about yourself.


I understand why you feel this way, however this is normal guy behavior. The male body often works from visual, rather than emotional like women. He loves you, and wants to be with you. Don't look at porn like its cheating. (If you find naked pictures of girls he knows, then you should be worried)