Did I just lost my reputation?

Does she not like me anymore because I am virgin?

this girl said she loved me and took a pic of me while I wasn't watching.

last week, she told her friend to give me a note saying "do you like me" when I reasked the question to her, she said BOYZ FIRST

I asked her over facebook and admit it to her, she said she doesn't like me and say she doesn't know who told me that she does... (after this, I asked one of her best friend to the prom to try to make her jealous (her best friend asked me to the prom twice last year but I didn't know if I was going to be able to go, this time when I asked her she said she was has a bf) this girl was watching me and later got very close when I was talking about prom with her best friend

Later when we had class, she gave me a note from a fortune cookie "falling in love so fast it surprises, something like this" I threw the note on the ground because on the previous night, she denied that she liked me on facebook. Se later picked up the note and said my name.

Later her friend asked if was the hottest asian kid in school and I shurgged my shoulder, she said at least (the girl i was talking about) thinks you are hot..... Her friends then started to take pictures of me, later I caught the girl trying to take a picture of me (her phone was up to her face) when I turned, she put her phone down.

But she denied it on facebook mutiple times and said she doesn't like me (she also say she is playing the field)........... so?

so I asked her friend to the prom(who asked me to the prom twice last year but won't go because now she has a bf) her friend last week asked me have I had sex, am I a virgin, I didn't answer so she said she bets I am a virgin.. One of her other friend asked also if I am a virgin... so her friend must of have spread it around.

Now it seems like her group of friends are laughing at me

THIS CLASS, she didn't flirt with me even though I heard her say my name twice and she looked at me and turn around fast... (But did I lost reputation because i am a virgin and is that why she is afraid to flirt with me and like me anymore)?


All those girls sound like snobby bitches.

Ignore them,

If they don't want to talk to you because you're a virgin that just makes them skanky hoes.

Also, she doens't seem like a very good friend anyways, so don't sweat it, it's not a big loss.


seriously dude this is normal stuff that happens during high school, dont stress about it you know its all that group mentality half those girls are probably virgins they just agree with the main girl making the jokes etc, dont worry about it just act confident dont run after this girl you like, because thats what makes her feel she can be like this with you.

it would be worse if u slept around then u would be a player and would have all that drama that comes from that


Absolutely. Your Answers reputation is shot now that you've posted this. You are now banned to