Cute couple? picture included (:?

it's a picture of me and my boyfriend goin to a valentine's day dance. we're both in highschool and have been together for 6 months(:


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omg you guys are the definition of cute! you can see the chemistry between you guys . you guys look meant to be and should get married ! :)

p.s- you guys would make cute kidsss .


OMG u guyz are sooooo cute! your really pretty and your bf is cute!


aww you two are so cute :)


pic is rather small and when zoomed is blurred...

if you are both happy does it really matter if you are cute to everyone else? no what matters is you both like each other :)


N'aww, you two are cute ^.^




Most definitely! And I love your dress! Purple is one of my absolute favorite colors!


You two are adorable!