Break up of a year long relationship. Help.?

My boyfriend of a year is my absolute bestfriend. He was before we even started dating. I'm a 18year old senior about to graduate in may. I love him. But he doesn't strive for anything and is emotionally unstable for the majority of the time. I have plans for college but he just wants to do anything and everything I plan on doing. I feel trapped. But the idea of Breaking up makes me an absolute wreck. I abhor the idea of him being intimate with anyone else. Makes me sick to my stomach. Plus I still have prom and senior trip. So I want him to be apart of that. He is not allowed over at my house anymore for being severely disrespectful to my mother and he doesn't drive and neither do I. That stresses me out even more. But I wanna be free.. But I love him. I care for him. But I'm lost. Completely. Help me.


Chill out. Why is your plan to give up? You know eventually if you want to have a relationship you're going to have to settle down and actually WORK through each others' issues. My girlfriend just quit on me and she lost out big time. She's had lots of boyfriends and I was the one that treated her best. She ended it over nothing and now we will never have what we could have had. It's rare to find someone that matches up with you so well, only a moron would throw that away. If you wanna be free then do it, but realize you'll be making a terrible mistake, quitter!


Move on Girl your young and have a future waiting for you.


You can't be happy with him if there are so many things you don't like about him. As much as it will hurt (and it will, I won't sugar coat that) he is not the one.


Sometimes if you love someone you gotta let them go. Just think about whats best for you and whats best for him. Love is about being happy. Just think it through and follow your gut. Your gut is never wrong.


b4 you make anydecisions you should ask your self is this person really worth it....are they just going to end up holding you back and hurting you anyways........its sounds like they dont care much for their future and even you honestly need to sit alone for a while and think about your realationship....i understand you wouldnt like the thought of him with someone else....but its only because you havent thought of really moving on yet......