Am i that attractive?

the thing is i havnt had a girlfriend for 2 years and im wondering what put girls off. i think my personality is good and i never get in awkward situations talking to girls. some girls do say im very attractive and i dont know if its just bad luck since girls tend to not flirt with me anymore. im not desperate for a girl nor im not trying to get 1 but im just wondering what do you think, am i good looking, average or lower. im 15 almost 16, 6,0ft


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Yeah you're so stunning, Perosnally if I had those looks i would be flaunting them all day long!

You need to get out there show your confidence and Work those eyes!

smise with your eyes! :P


yep ur cool maybe the girls just Egotistical or shy


aw you're cute :)


OMG how did you not get a gf ,, youuu aree BEAUTIFUL ;)


No, you are ugly and your nose is too big.


No you are not.

Just the truth, sorry.


You're an attractive guy, but you look like you're about 12-14 ish.


You are 15 years old.

How we supposed to answer without seeing a picture? That is like Internet dating and not knowing what the other person looks like.

If they say you are attractive, believe them. The right girl will come along.

Oh I just seen your picture, my bad. You are not ugly.