I got extremely wet when making out with my boyfriend?

On Friday my boyfriend came over to my house for the first time. We were making out my couch and it was getting really heated and for the first time we used tongue. Every time he put his tongue in my mouth I could feel myself getting more wet. When he left I went upstairs to change and it leaked all the way through my jeans. It was like I had peed my pants. Is this normal?!?! I've never heard of any girl getting THIS wet and I'm too afraid/embarrassed to ask my girlfriends about it. No joke I felt like I peed and I'm afraid I might have got some on him too!


well you ovisuly are really need to sleep with him


He must be lucky to have you!


Wow I wish all women were that easy to please!


Don't worry about it, it's totally normal.

Using Tongue is a very hot next step :P

I think it almost about time you took it to the next level :)


That's normal. Some do get wetter than others. But you were really turned on. I'd bet he was wet, too. In fact, I'd bet his nuts were aching by the time he left.


Hehe, that's really hot. It's normal, some girls just get more wet than other girls do. I don't get that wet when I'm turned on, so I'm a little jealous ;p

You're fine, don't worry about it.