Ladies, how long do you keep a crush?

on a shy guy that doesnt say anything?

Say you're 17 or 18, and you have a crush on a guy, but you havent said anything to him, and he hasnt said anything to you. How long does this crush last? do you lose interest quickly? does it linger because nothing has changed to make you change your mind?


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1) A crush can last as long as a girl wants it too, if a girl has a warm heart it will last a long time. If shes the type of girl that roams around with a lot of boys and has contiunous boyfriends, then her interest will hover away.

2) Personally i'm shy myself, and a female. I don't lose interest in me unless the guy starts loosing interest in me and i can see it. I don't see the point on hanging onto a guy who doesn't like me back. But generally it does last a long time. Boys tend to be different, they lose interest really quick if their the out their type of boy who doesn't really give a ****.

3) It does linger (: it makes you want to really really get to know the person.

I am in a situation were the person i fancy is shy too. It's the hardest thing ever. I never speak. He does sometimes. To one girl. And it drives me crazy, it's like why cant i have her confidence? lol.

But yeah i personally think that a shy guy makes you like him more, because their mysterious i guess.


all my life


i wouldnt give up on him.

and i shouldnt have to, if i know how to treat him right


there's no statistic for this type of question

#4 lasts until i find someone else...obviously you like a girl, so talk to her! if a guy doesnt say a word to me i lose interest fast

so be faster ;)


It depends if the girl has other options. She can really care for you but a girl can't wait forever. Make your move.


a crush can last forever and ever until the person who does something to turn you off


It depends - if its a full on crush it could last for ages! But otherwise interest could be lose very quickly. Either way theres no point in hanging about if it doesn't look like its going anywhere.