Sexual relationship with my new teacher? 10 points!?

OKAY ITS A LONG STORY BUT PLEASE READ. heres how it goes, I was away on holiday with all my friends for 4 weeks, we went out partying every night all the time and we had a group of guy friends. Well there was this guy (lets call him Mr.A) because i don't want to use names. Well we hit it off and spent most of it together and after it we had a load of pictures together on facebook (on the beach, kissing, out at night) & we always had the best sex ever! when we got back we kept in touch and were on the way to starting a relationship. But then i went to school one day to find out he was a new teacher starting! i thought i was just seeing things but i wasn't. he was shocked too see me too! All of my friends were texting me shocked about it and rumors started spreading because of the facebook pictures! I was wondering if he could lose his job over this? i don't want to do anything that can risk his job so i deleted all of the pictures and stopped replying and answering his calls. i really like him and was thinking if i moved school would it be okay then? i am in my last year of school and i am nearly 18, and he is 22. Please don't leave mean comments im already really upset about the whole thing!


It was very smart of you to delete the pictures, but by ignoring him and not answering his calls, you are acting very childishly. You two need to get together outside of school at a place that your classmates don't frequent so you can discuss the situation. I am sure he is just as embarrassed and worried as you. The two of you will of course have to stop seeing each other in a romantic way until you graduate (which doesn't sound like it is too far away) but after you have graduated, you could pick up where you left off. Good luck!


at this point there is nothing you really need to do --- he is not in any real danger of losing his job because at the time he was not your teacher nor was he even employed at the school so there is no breach of ethics --- the main concern is the age of consent where you are ---- if its 18 then yes he could be in serious trouble if its less then he really has nothing to worry about ---- if you want to keep seeing him then it would be advisable to change schools provided he feels the same --- if he does not then you may as well stay where you are ---- best wishes


I didn't know trolls went to school


Someone's been watching Pretty Little Liars.



I think u did the right thing by deleting the pictures and since it was before he was a teacher I'm not sure he'd get in trouble if it stopped. But this is a sensitive subject and u have to hope it doesn't get to the administration cuz that culd put u two in hot water.


Chances are the school with catch wind of it eventually and the PTA will want his head. He will absolutely lose his job, most likely he'll never work in the state again... You can try to dodge the bullet as long as possible but things like that spread around high schools like a wildfire