How to get a very shy girl to like you?

How to get a very shy girl to like you?


Be nice...

Get to know her...

Make her feel special amongst others...

What you would do to every other girl...

She's shy because of her confidence... Make her feel confident...

She's shy because she's self concious... Make her feel beautiful



try to make them open up and be patient with them


You don't want to risk doing something foolish and making yourself look stupid trying to impress her.What you need to do is go over there and talk to her that's the best advice I can think to give you.


Talk to her a lot. Shy girls will only talk to you if u talk to her first. Walk her to class. Hug her. Tickle her a lot. And make her smile.

Hope this helped.


first of all be nice to her, listen to her when she does speak, you can leave her little notes or funny jokes, if you are in school offer to study with her. show her you think she is nice, pretty and interesting. be funny. just don't overwhelm her or be overly pushy. find out if you have any similiar interests or hobbies. good luck!


Get to know her and make her feel comfortable around you. You need to make the first moves, because she'll be to shy to. Compliment her, make her blush. When you get to know her better hug her, make her feel special, romance her, help her to become more confident around you. Make her laugh.

I do hope that this helped. Good Luck! (: