Does she like me or are we just friends?

Had our first date on Valentines day and we laughed a lot but did not flirt at all. but at the end she gave me a big hug and said we should hang out again ... dont know where we stand. i told her i would call her in 2 weeks cause i'm going on a trip but told her she could text me whenver. it has been 6 days and nothing


Alright. I'm a girl so please take my advice. When I tell a guy we should hang it's because I'm intersted. If I wasn't I wouldn't say anything. You have to get to know her before thing can get serious. And you need to text her. She's not gonna text cause she doesn't want to seem pushy so flirt text. Put smilie faces and admitt she's pretty. Be there for her but try to be more than a friend not just somebody she can rely on.