Have you ever looked at a girl and knew she was the one?

It only took one look or one touch? ((to know she was the girl for you)) Like trey songz says in Already Taken 8)

GIRLS are free to answer too (:


Yes I was at a party I walked in the door I saw this girl and I fell in love with her we talked and now I need help asking her to prom


cannot say that i have


Knew she was the 'one' what? ... The one I'd like to get to know a little better? Yes, of course.


Lol thats bullshit. Theres many of sexy women out there that you only wish was the one partna. But, really love. It is only temporary i don't care what anyones says.


no but im a but it wud be interesting to find out if many boys did have that experience.

I think its really sweet. You sound like a real romantic. Have u asked her to go for food? or sum-thing?

You sound so sweet. seems no other girl has grasped your vision so intriguingly...and this is every girls dream, for there to be no competition with other roaming females around y man. shes one LUCKY LUCKY GIRL