Ladies only please! What was your first time like?

I don't mean to get personal, but if you would please share some knowledge with a confused 17 year old? I haven't had sex yet and am curious. I asked my friend and she told me that her first time hurt, but it was over really fast. So I guess I want to know if it hurt/ did you bleed? How old were you? Do you regret it? And how do you know if he's the right one?

Any advice you wish you had when you were 17?



This is a very good question!

I was 15 when my boyfriend and i first started dating. I knew he was the right one because he seemed different than the other guys i dated. He didn't try to act all macho in front of friends,and he seemed to really care about me. We first had sex about 3 weeks after we started dating. It was both our first times so we were nervous.

OMG! it was the most embarrassing thing ever! we were about to have sex, i was on top... Then out of no where i just farted.. LMAO! omg it was soooooooo embarrassing! i almost cried and he sat there laughing at me! ahahaha omg!

any way. THATS how you know he's a keeper! if you do something like that and he doesn't get grossed out or go tell all his friends. :P

anyway, our first time was funny as hell because it hurt alot, and he kept asking if i wanted him to stop and i was like " No! keep going!" Like... it felt good..ish but it still hurt, i didn't really bleed alot. and i was confused because everyone says you bleed. So i asked round and people said that if you use tampons then it could pop your cherry and make you bleed while your on your period.

Having sex for the first time can be pretty scary, especially if you're not sure if he's the "one". So make sure you make a wise decision and pick someone who you feel could be a keeper. And make sure you can trust him.Because if something happens ( Like what i did :P ) you dont want him going and telling the whole school.. cuz it will stick with you for the rest of the school years!

Hoped i helped.! :D


Na it didnt hurt. Ya i bled a little but only cus he popped my cherry. i was 14, na i dont regret it. and ill tell u this now, and believe every word: you will know "the one" when u find him. i didnt understand that till i got the expierience, i was always like oh! im in love hes the one but no. i feel so stupid now- but how else will u know if u dont go thru the cause and affect right :)


It hurts a Little. Just depends if their big or small.. Haa. And yeah you bleed a Little because he pops your cherry. And I was 12.. And no not at all. You know their the right one when you feel comfortable around him, He cares about you. and No matter what he'll still be by yourside in the end.


I just had my first time on Saturday night and i didnt feel anything at all.It was over in 2 minutes because the guy hadnt had sex before too.I am 18 and i dont regret it at all.I wasnt even nervous cos we tried to have sex on Friday night and the guy couldnt maintain the erection but he did on Saturday night and i wasnt expecting it.