Guys:Why do you like the hot,good-looking girls?

I mean seriously has socitey gone that much down hill that you don't care about what's inside anymore you just care about "gettin' it" or what.


Im a guy and I see that one dimensional girls are the worst. Girls that have the looks but when you get close to them you just find an empty shell of a person. SO part of what you are saying is true. Appearence can be very important in attracting guys but in order to keep one you need to have a personality and based off your question I'm guessing you definetly have one. And besides why would you even want to be with guys who only judge off looks? They're probaby A-holes so just weight out your options and be reasonable.


Me personally it's more about a grls swag if she's sexy then thats a plus


the only true man youll find that cares about the inside is one with a small penis. i hate to burst your bubble but yes that is what our world has come to.


I'm not a guy, but it's a natural reaction. Men want to make pretty babies. It's just some werid genetics thing. The more handsome the boy, the more they naturally want a pretty female to make beautiful babies with them.


hahaha, you stupid little kid. yes emotions matter, but not in the beginning. physical attraction is what starts it all. then the emotions come in later. thats why relationships start off great, but when you really start to get to know eachother, you find out that you really arnt meant for eachother. and to the answerer above me, you can have a large penis and care about emotions. coming from a guy with 8 inches and madly in love with my fiance.


As I have stated in other questions I have answered, I don't care how attractive other people find the girls I date. I just couldn't date someone I personally don't find sexy. Sure a lot of guys (with lower intelligence and self esteem issues) like what they are told to think is attractive, but a lot of guys are still able to think for themselves.