What do I do when a guy friend asks me out, but he used to date a friend of mine?

I am friends with this guy, and he's very sweet, but I don't know if I want to date him. He also briefly dated a friend of mine, who is the jealous type. I am worried that she will be upset if I go out with him, since he was he first guy to actually ask her out. This was some months ago, and I am sure they are not dating anymore.

I can't decide if I like him, or if I want to stay just friends. Since guys rarely ask me out, I have very little experience with dating. I got so used to hanging out that I didn't think twice about a friendly hug, but now I feel a bit nervous. What do I do? If I back out I will feel like I led him on.

I feel so silly, after all I am twenty one. But I think that not dating in high school or college much has stunted my social growth a bit, since I am honestly confused.


No....chances are he dumped your friend for something he thought was prettier....(you must be hot :-) ...personally if you were me and I was you I would only keep it as friends...and you can date as friends by simply doing stuff together and hanging out whatever develops from there is what it will lead I am confusing myself too... :-)....this is kinda hard to explain but dont tell him you want to keep it as friends just see where it goes by getting to know him...(his honest and personal side) behind closed doors he may be totally different and is only using a ''front'' for his advantage