Girl problems need helpm?

I want to ask this girl to prom I have had a crush on for 3 years and I really want to go with her but if she says no I will be scared to talk to her again and I don't know how to ask her and I really really really like her so that is why I need help but I am 95 percent sure she likes me back but I need to know how to ask her, were to ask her, and if I should ask her thx


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Just ask! The worst thing that can happen is rejection, but if she does reject you, so what? Shes not worth your time, and if you dont ask your gonna be left wondering if she would have said yes. You only live once, make the best of it. (:


if you REALLY like her then just ask her !


Be real. Just go ahead and ask her. If she says yes then there you go. If she says no then forget her!


make it sound like real rea casual like you dont care what she says say " oh hey u wana go to prom with me" that way she wont feel pressured or like shes gona hurt your feelings if you say no


Ask her

Or write a note and stick it in her locker or her desk or something.

Don't be scared, or else you will never know if she likes you back...give it a try.


Just ask her out. If she says no, guess what? High School is almost over and you will probably never see her again after high school.


Ask her out to something "casual" first,

like a basketball game...

THEN ask her out to the prom.


Be confident and ask her if she says no then at least you tried, also if your sure she likes you your half way there, good luck