How do i learn to talk to girls more freely?

right now i have 0 experience with girls, and low confidence (perhaps because i was overweight as a child, but not so much anymore). Anyways, in class, whenever i think i should talk to a girl to make things less awkward or to get somethign going, my mind freezes, i cant think of anything appropriate to talk about, and i just keep quiet.

And i see guys across the room smoothly talking to girls, perhaps getting her number, and it just pisses me off that they can do it with ease and to me, i'd probably be more likely to beat mike tyson in a fight than get to talking with a girl.

also, im not good at talking with strangers in general


Ok. Girls are people, too. XD Talk about anything you would talk to a friend/your parents about.

Such as...

"What's your favorite TV show?"

"I've seen you in ____ class, right?"

"This homework is too hard!"

"Did you hear about the [insert current event here]?"

"Have you seen that new movie ___? It was really good!"

"The weather is so nice! I think I'll ride my bike after school!"

The conversation doesn't have to be serious. Perhaps if you mention a movie, you could say "I haven't seen it, do you wanna go see it with me on Friday?" and BAM! DATE! :D I can't imagine how she could turn you down!

If she turns you down, she's not good enough for you. >:C



There are things we all excel at and things we are not so good at.

Each person has different sets of skills.

You need to work on it, read about it (lots of books out there) be fearless, practice and want to grow.

This feeling will never go away, unless you do something about it. It will follow you for the next 15 years. Have you seen the MTV tv show "Made". They have a coach, they breakdown themselves, and practice.

What i would recommend is joining a group or hobby that is CO-ED and that you love. From there, if you excel at something you are good at (which only happens if you like it and have passion for it) you will attract others to you. And when you are in YOUR element, you will have no problem talking to people (girls or guys) about something you are good at.

The key is picking some kind of hobby that you actually are interested in and where there are LOTS of girls around...


start small. compliment your sister on her dress one day. "Gee sis you look pretty in that dress today". then your mom" wow mom your hair looks great today" or "that dress makes you look pretty". then try your neighbours" good morning mrs smith" you look beautiful today" Have you had you hair done? little comments like these aided by a kind smile will help you boost your confidence and make their day. Comment on the neatness of the shop assistant at the local store; or her pretty smile ;or her gorgeous eyes. By starting at home you are testing with family and getting used to making compliments and the comebacks will not affect you in the same way a negative comment would if made by a class mate. Once you can make compliments at will to your family and friends and neighbours then advance and choose a girl at school. Don't choose the one you like the most; choose one you don't know or the least popular girl in class. walk up to her one day and simply comment" hey [ her name] you look pretty today". Now walk on and leave her to contemplate your compliment . Next choose another girl to target. walk up to her and compliment her on her sweater or her hair or her smile. " you know when you smile the whole world melts". simple compliments like this will get you noticed. One by one approach the girls in class and compliment them ; thinking of different subjects to compliment. " you are so smart in class". etc etc. Once you have complimented all the other girls in class then you will be comfortable in talking and then you should approach the girl you really want to get to know. Try and be unique in your compliment . " present her a flower and say " this is for you although it pales in comparison to your beauty". I have been wanting to talk to you since school started this year but I was unsure how to approach you as your beauty usually leaves me speechless". go from there. ps be prepared have comments rehearsed and ready to use. The more you practice on friendly subjects [family etc] the more comfortable you will become around the unfamiliar subjects. good luck.


go to, and find girls your age, and talk to them, get their # and just practice, thats what i did, now im doing pretty well


experience, talk to a male stranger, the a not so strangery girl, the a complete female stange. should do the trick


1.) take some speech classes.

2.) Join the "toastmasters" club.

3.) Read & study the following 2 websites:

Good luck, young padawan; your Jedi journey begins....


well if you are hot, then the girl will make a better effort. I know that when i see a guy who is hot, but shy i think its cute. On the other hand when i see an ugly guy who is shy i think its geeky. I also know that the conversation needs to be relaxed and not forced.