Why doesn't my girlfriend text/call me first?

Hey guys,

I'm sick of this. I feel as if I'm putting all the effort in. I'm always calling her first, and texting her first. She does not always text immediately, and she has never called me.

Why doesn't she call.text me first, and any advice?

Thanks guys.


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stop it then. just quit. if she cares she will respond. you shouldnt have to do it all, its not fair to you. so either just quit doing it or tell her exactly what you just told everyone on here, if she cares she will understand and put forth an effort, if not, shes not worth your time


its a female thing. we wanna feel like the guy cares more about us


i always thought it was the guys job to call/text the girls. maybe she's expecting you to text/call her.


because the girl is waiting for you to text her so she knows you wanna talk when you dont text her shes proibably thinking if she texts you shes annoying or you dont wanna talkk !


you should ask her. communication is the most important thing in a relationship.


She's got you on a leash. You just have to do what she's doing and she'll end up acting like you do for a change


Most girls like guys to make the first move (including texting and calling).

Most guys like girls to make the first move. But not a lot of girls like

doing so, so that's probably why. She wants you to do it first.


Perhaps she doesnt want to be desperate by calling or texting so she just waits for you. But you could tell her youd like if she sometimes called first or texted first since relationships are about communication.