How to get a girl to like U?

Ok this AWESOME girl just broke up with me and know I am questioning myself pplz are starting to tease me since she broke up with me... And here's the kicker SHE NEVER LIKED ME SHE WAS TO EMBARRASED TO SAY NO! Thanks for your answers :D


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WOW U ARE SAD -the writers kid alter ego


If your friends then that's all that mattters.


Then hold ur head up high u still dated her


Making someone fall in love with you is no rocket science. It's nothing more than programming the person's subconscious mind and providing him with what he needs and the opposite of the traits he hate about him self. See details here.


guys are boo and girls kick ass on cod ps3 Xx_waw00sevn_xX and xabix79


Dude get someone new pretend u never even liked her and dont be friends with her ignore her!


Well I'm a girl and i hate creepy dudes. Knock off bad habits.


look if u want to get back i have idea if u steel friends just ask what she like exmpele she like flowers get flower if she like yellow and flowers get yellow fowers see easy i think (yoh)