Boyfriend "liking" another girls pictures on Facebook?

Ok, I don't know if it's just me or if I should be upset. I looked at another girls facebook and she had on a bikini top with her boobs half way out and he liked it recently. It honestly just hurt my feelings because I was not expecting that. Also, he won't put that we're in a relationship on Facebook. When I ask him about it casually he just saying he wants to do it himself without me asking, I haven't asked in a long time and he still won't change it. I don't know if he doesn't want other people to know or what. When I confronted him about the picture he liked he told me I was a stalker and it was creepy and to chill out. I told him I was chill it just hurt my feelings and he just said whatever. What should I do? Am i overreacting?


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leave him now.. he doesnt care to make it know your with him .. otherwise he woudl be that way i know a lot of guys who say this is my gf an me pic an hes happy.. i know guys who like to flirt as well see options open up for them..

i think if he could he woudl type guy to cheat on you.. he isnt ready so move on say bye bye ..

how woudl he like it if u had a spectacular body shot very sexy an luring for the www to see ? hm? woudl he say take it down .. or oh nice pic babe..

an if u said im single looking for a nice guy then hm.. what woudl he say he sends this message loud and clear to you so listen.. be a good listener .. your in a fog trying to rationalize his way of thinking there is a good excuse? hm.. nope .. no excuse he is either with you in respect an he should keep his page private and be quiet instead it is well known how he acts on the net. i hate facebook my space as ppl act so so dif then in real life to each other in relationships its as tho their looking for more... i mean more... dump him before you get pregnant or your heart is to invested.. in time u wont be able to get back.. sadly i know this hurts your thinking of he is got an excuse but plainly he is adventuring out as himself.. for now.. if he says your a stalker then you say its public knowledge your own mom and his mom can find him on facebook eh? he is acting defensive ok .. listen .. u are not over reacting some guys think ah big deal i like girls on face book ok so they do but they also iof they are in a relationship with you have respect for your girl an treat her with it.. which he isnt doing you like this treatment for ever? even for now it is crappy .. move on asap'.. you an be bad an put up a pic of u 2 togther an say ur in a relationship.. an ask all the girls who google over him to add you they will get the hint but .. he will only get mad.. an u know it goes back to base 1 he isnt ready .. ok so move on anygirl interested in him will have rude wake up call so at least u know now before they do to be better off with out him.. let them find out the heart ache.. ok move on


Ok the fact that he "liked" a girls photo when her boobs were hanging out is just simply being a guy lol. BUT the fact that he basically brushed off your concern is not ok. The fact that he wont put his relationship status on FB can be taken two different ways. One way says that a relationship is private unless your married, but the other side says that he should update it so that other people know he is taken. Honestly facebook pictures and status' are not the problem, and trust is. Facebook and other social sites are not a good thing for non trusting relationships.


Some guys don't want to put up their relationship status on Facebook because they don't like the idea of everyone on the Internet knowing their relationship status. I can totally understand that - what if y'all break up? He'd have to change it back to "single" and get all the "omggz wut happened"s. Who really wants to deal with that? It's a lot less stressful. You two know you're going out, and that's really all that matters.

As for the picture, so what? Maybe they're friends and he was joking around with her? Chill out.


i dont think ur overreacting and if my boyfriend did that id be ticked. maybe he isnt the right kind of guy for u because those are personality traits that can really clash. u dont want to have to be worried about him all the time. thats not fair to either of u. i dont know how long uve been dating but u might want to reconsider it. or just get through to him and tell him that ur not comfortable with that. u dont check out other guys like that i assume, so he shouldnt either and ur proud of ur relationship so he should be too and if hes not putting it on facebook then there may be something hes not telling u and he doesnt sound very trustworthy


You are totally over-reacting. It's JUST a picture. No big deal. You don't own him and you don't own his eyes. He will still be looking when he's 80 years old.

As for the relationship thing. Totall a different question and that's between the two of you.

If you want to keep him from looking at other girls and he says to you he'll do the relationship status without you asking, it could be that you're a bit (or more than a bit) controlling.

He's not your toy, he's a human being. He's allowed to have his own likes, dislikes, and be his own person. If he happens to think a girl is pretty, who are you to get upset about that?


I don't think u are overreacting its just sucks but give him time I know how u feel but my boyfriend has me as his girlfriend n we been together for years n he always comments on other girls pc like wow u still looking good n sht but I have no say really but its whatever at first I would get mad but its diff for me cuz we live together n we have kids but it still hurts me but sometimes guys don't care about it just talk to him but i don't think he cares about other people knowing about u sometimes guys like attention n don't like to put that they r in a relationship if its not a long one


its bad my stupid ex didnt like me for doing that


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