He stares at me a lot....?

I always see my ex boyfriend staring at me and its kinda weird. He hates me though. And when I'm like talking to my friends, my friends say "dude, he's looking at you" so then I turn around and he quickly turns away. It's so weird and I wanna know what that means.


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He is sorry he left you, but scared to confront you so he acts like he doesn't want you and treat you bad, tell him it's over, make an impact or he will be continuing to stare 0_0



He probably still has feelings for opinion


He misses u I think u should go talk to him because he may have alot of feelings for u


Hes feeling all those feelings again and is shy to show it


he probably doesn't hate you. He probably still really likes you and pretends to hate you to hide his feeling from himself. Us guys make ourselves hate ex's so we can get over the fact that we still like them.


I think he still likes you but since you said he hates you, he could be just trying to hide his feeling from you. I think he does like you but is afraid to admit it.


He's thinking about what he had with you and how special it was and he wants you back but knows it probly wont work and he cant find a way to let you go. You should put him out of his misery and tell him its over and to stop acting weird about it.


I think he still probably misses you a lot and you should probably go right up to him and say "can I help you?"If he says something like no or something mean,it means he doesn't like you,however,if he just walks away or says something else that isn't really mean that means he still likes you a lot!