K I liked a girl but she fell for this other guy that treated her like dirt my question is WHY WHEN I TREAT HER LIKE A PERSON


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because alot of girls like the "bad boy" type. so alot of the "bad boy" type will treat the girl badly...... maybe you should do something to get her attion. but dont treat her badly.


cuz girls are fuckin boring. they are talking machines and if they don't have anything to talk about, they become unstable and possibly blow up (jk). but seriously, until they become women and realize they're getting old (around 25ish) they go for the nice guy they dumped back in high school who are making more than the douchebag who took your lady. Just keep being who you are man. Keep your eyes on the prize. Women come to you like pokemon in the tall grass.


Tf? No. That girl's whack. And you're whack.


I personally don't like bad boys. Why would I want to hangout with someone who was a jerk. Maybe some girls like bad boys because either they are not nice themselves or any other reason. But not all girls like guys that treat them badly.


Having trouble manikg girl friends?I'm in my first year of college and im having a tough time manikg friends that are girls. I have tons of guy friends..always have even at home Ive had girl friends, but i think i have some trust issues from the past with them. I feel like they love to go behind ure back and gossip and im not into that. i love hanging out with guys cuz they dont care and are laid-back. i just broke up with my boyfriend last week and im a little lonely now that hes gone. my roommate and i used to be hang out, but she moved out. im trying to join clubs and activities to meet ppl..and im really outgoing:) i tlk to ppl i make an effort with ppl but i wonder why no one ever asks me to hang out its always me manikg an effort with others?


Not all girls like that type of guy. Take it from a girl


Perhaps she just doesn't like you? Sometimes, we choose the guy that excites us. We like the chase just as much as guys. You don't have to be bad though, just don't smother her or act too into her. We don't want a lap dog.


We accept the love we think we deserve.