Why do I keep dreaming of my crush?

For the past week I've dreamt of him. Why?


Obviously you really like him, i've heard that if you go to bed thinking about someone then you dream about them, i've also heard that if you dream about someone then they went to bed thinking about you. If the either of them are true, and you really think a relationship between the two of you could work out, then let him know how you feel, then if you dreamt about him, he wouldn't just be a crush. (;


because he's on your mind. Always.


because in your subconscious thoughts you thought about him unknowingly all week

this shows you like him alot

hope i helped :D


Because you like him, it's natural. Trust me, it happens to everyone. Maybe your brain is trying to tell you something, like "ASK HIM OUT!" lol


was dream pleasant and exciting made you excited? ask him of you excite him and does he drem of you too, wear a nice short skirt to show off your legs , excite the boy