My boyfriend touches me down there? Help plz?

Ok me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years now. We have never had sex but we kiss and makeout alot. And lately he has been touching me down there through my pants when we makeout. It feels so good. But afterwards i feel trashy. And i dont want to hurt his feelings


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How old are you? Do you love him? if you do then it shouldn't feel trashy or dirty, you've been together for 2 years, it's not like you're sleeping around. Talk to him about it and let him know what you want. I'm sure if he's really special he will understand and wait for you :)


how old are?


if it feels trashy and mkes u him to stop..tell him how u feel and hell surely understd..


over the pants is still 2nd base


If it feels good why stop?


just tell him you feel trashy when he does that , so you arent ready yet . thats how i made my ex stop teasing me .


you know you are, for you allow it. very trashy but real.


Tell him to stop, he'll listen if he likes you.