What to do about this girl? Am I loser? Or is she just a stuck up twit?

I'm friendly to her and i feel she really likes me but then she ignores me completely.

I work hard to get her respect but it doesn't work because she is indifferent again.

She was so friendly at one stage. We spoke for an hour and she helped me out lots. To her credit I have acted like a lunatic....but cant she just forget...

Recently it got so bad that I blocked her of Facebook..I am so tired of her but there is a part of me that likes her

What do you think I should do


Does she ignore you when you're in public but talk to you when you're alone? If so, perhaps she's embarrassed and buys into the whole "popularity" stuff and doesn't want to ruin her reputation by being seen with a guy who's not in the popular crowd.

Or maybe she is just not that into you. Maybe she just chatted to you once and forgot about it.

Either way, it's fair enough for you to be a little insulted and rejected if you like her.

Maybe you could message her privately on facebook and just explain how you feel. Just briefly tell her that you felt interested in her and felt like she was too, but then felt like she suddenly wasn't. Ask her if she'd prefer if you just left her alone, no hard feelings or anything though. Then perhaps she will just say the truth.

There is a communication block... you won't find out how she feels unless you ask directly.


Just forget about her. Continue blocking her. If she can't forgive you for acting the way you did then she isn't the girl for you.

Mine please?;…