Girl at my local store - How should i approach?

Sup everyone, there's this girl at my local store that i use quite often, i don't go in there to stalk her or nothing, i just happen to use it quite often. Anyway, i think she might be a couple of years younger than me (maybe 16-17), im 19. I would like to speak to her and get to know her a bit better, but here's the thing, i can't picture a relationship, pretty much with anyone;

She lives in the same area as me which is a plus, however i never see her outside the store, but the problem is, i live in a house with a lot of people, i.e 3 brothers, parents, etc. Heck, i don't even have my own bedroom, so it's not like i could invite her round, nor would i feel comfortable in doing so, this is what's putting me off any long term relationship.

I like her and she's caught my eye a few times, but i can't brace myself to speak to her properly, i mean i only talk to her when it's about the store stuff, i.e, you buying this, etc. I don't want to just say out of the blue, can i have your number? When i don't even know her, that would freak me out myself if someone said that to me, although id still probably give it to them if i liked them.

It's not that she's alone either, the store is usually busy and she's normally working alongside someone. I just need to flirt with her somehow and esclate it further, i don't know if she's single or not, i think ive just got to man up and speak to her, i just don't want to come across as a shy dick.

Here's the other thing, even if it did become any further, i haven't had any experience in sex, if it came to that, and i was **** where i haven't had much experience, that wouldn't go down well, so in this sense, it's temping me to go out clubbing and try find a girl, but that's not me really, but i don't want to be an embarrassment if it came to you know what.

So what should i do? With this reasons above, i find it hard to find a long term relationship.

Here's the other thing, she works i don't. That's attractive right? It's not that i don't work because im lazy, but im deciding what to do with my life, i just finished a college course but im thinking of using that as a back up and going for something else, this causes lack of money = lack of taking her out etc etc, i find it's all off putting, but i do like her and she seems like a nice girl, so surely ive got to try right?


I think that it is a good thing that you haven't had sex and I think that most girls would too. It might be awkward your first time because you haven't done it before but hey this gives her a chance to teach you something, if it goes that far. Plus, I mean, at least she'll know you don't have any STDs. It really is admirable that you have waited, not many guys do. Then, of course, if she is a virgin as well, then she won't have any idea what to do and it will be something for you to both experience together, if it goes that far. And just because you haven't done anything yet doesn't mean you have to rush into it with this girl...give it some time.

Being shy isn't a bad thing you just have to force yourself to talk a little more. Let her know that you are shy then if there is a moment of silence, she'll know why. Set up a thing with your friends that's free, going to the park or something, make sure there are going to be other girls not just guys and tell her that you and some friends are going to go out would she like to go....not to a club or anything like that, I suggest something free since you already said money is tight....if she says yes, then say do you want to swap numbers so that we can set it all up and you'll know what time and get the details right. If she goes make sure to pay her attention then she'll sort of get the idea that you are interested. Then I suggest after talking to her for a bit and finding out more about her, tell her you like her.

As to your living situation and the job. She still lives with her parents and you're in college and a lot of college students that don't live in dorms, still live with their parents and some of them don't have jobs. If the job thing is really an issue with you and you want to be able to take her out. Get a job at McDonalds or something....that's not permanent but it's an income.

I do think that you should try.


Go for it. You would be surprised at the ways that you would find out how to go around all these obstacles that you mention that supposedly are keeping you from getting to know this girl. Just go by and pick up a pack of gum and do this every couple of days and say hello to this girl. She will get the hint.

Then ask her how she is doing, then try to engage her in small talk: the weather, her outfit looks nice, what is her name, what grade in school, graduated, etc.. what does she like to do. Then, when she say something that she likes to do,you say that you like to do that too. Take her to the zoo, or to a park for a picnic, or to a museum, or to a local restaurant for a coffee, or coke, pizza, something small and casual.

You can meet with her outside of your home and your family does not have to know. They will figure this out eventually, but they will be happy that their boy likes girls and not other boys, etc....

You will do well. Go for it. If you want any more advice, write another question.


I suggest the next time you see her, say hello. If she seems up for a short conversation, talk about the weather, or what you are buying. Suggest taking her out to lunch. Get to know more about her. Talk about non-threatening stuff like events that are going on in your area, food you like, stuff like that. If you want to continue getting to know her, ask for her number. Gotta be brave and do it. Good luck!


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