Do you think that she likes me? Should I tell her I like her?

I have been talking to this girl for about a month and a half to 2 months now. I began to like her but I am not sure if she feels the same way. I have a feeling that she might, but I kind of want a second (or more) opinion. We hang out usually once or twice a week for the entire day ( I work 4 days a week but am usually back home around 3 pm) and if I don't hang out with her during the week, we will go for a walk by the beach then I'll take her home. I sometimes receive " Good Morning :)" texts, and she is quite flirty when I am with her. I was at her house last week and we were in her room, wrestling over something that I had in my hand and once she had it in her hand, we fell over onto her bed, and she kept holding onto to my waist and hand for a little bit after that. Whenever we go for walks she bumps into me, nudging me off the sidewalk, or into the water when on the beach. She has no problem with sharing food or drinks instead of buying 2, in fact, she usually opts to not get 2, to just share. She also remembers the smallest and slightest details about me and what I say. I asked her if she knew what color my eyes were and when my birthday was (and had never told her before) and she knew, she remembers and notices things like this without me mentioning them. And I met her mom, if that means anything :P She also has no problems telling me about personal things that have happened in her life.

I know that these are quite obvious signs but the reason I am asking is that I'm sure there are other guys that like her. I know that she doesn't hang out with them alone like with me, but she is beautiful and a wonderful girl so I know that there are other guys out there. I am most worried about other guys when she goes to the local dances, but I don't go. I just want other people's opinions on whether she likes me and whether I should tell her I like her.

Thanks in advance :D

btw. we're both in grade 11 (same high school)




She hasn't said anything yet either because it isn't her style, or she isn't sure about you. But trust me she is waiting. Parents are a huge deal btw haha. That is a mega sign.


Try be friends for a lil bit longer then ask her if she interest in another guy then ask her if she like you and want to be more than friends.