What do guys like in girls? (10PTS!)?

Do they like girls that act mean, Act themselves, crazy, original, humble? Cause i tend to act mean but in a playful way. But im really crazy funny and act however i feel. What do you think:?


I like girls who are polite and obviously themselves. Not ones who put on a facade. It's cool to be mean and in a jokey way when you like a guy :)


dont be a b1tch i guess?

just be nice, and mess around not too much


most guys like the boobs and *** sad as that is it's true...but yea you will come across someone who is really just not into that and he is the keeper i'd say...


guys like..soft natured,calm girls,those who are ever willing to sacrifice anything for them.

the girl must behave as she is in reality..not emote anyone. one who gets jealous seeing her guy with another woman. one who is anxious about his likes and dislikes. one who gets angry with him at his mistake...but smiles and forgives him wen he says who cries in front of him to tell how much she loves/misses him.a girl who still tries to get his man back.a girl no matter how much d guy hurts her...she still loves him..and a girl who says sorry even when she has not done anything wrong...