What does she mean ? girl advice?

alritee a girl ive known for 3 years and ive liked her in the past and told her how i felt, she ratherd us to be friends, around 1 and 1/2 years, massive fallout didnt speaks for months. months laters she msg's me saying that she misses me and her life was better when i was in it, now its been another year-ish i think and i really started to like her again, this time i told her how i felt the same as in the past, she told me cares about me too and she doesnt want to ruin anything, i told her i rather be told straight because in the future the feeling might not be mutual, and id get hurt again, she told me that she "kinda" likes me? what does this mean, she also said that she wants to hang out together more also, are these good signs or could she be scared of losing our friendship

Just going to add: i dont think the friendship would work if it didn't end up into a relationship because i couldnt see her with someone else, i know that it would hurt to much. i havent told her this because that would pressurise her and dont want her to feel pressured


I think she's a little unsure about her feelings. I mean she does like you, but she dosent wanna pour her feelings out to you just yet cause she's trying to see if it really is a crush. And then again, she probably dosent want to risk loosing a friend if you were to date and it didn't work out. Just give her more time and you'll come to see if it was ment to be


She likes you but there is something that is keeping her from completely liking you. She could also just be playing you as a rebound. I would be very careful around this girl and don't let yourself get too comfortable. Play it by ear and make her chase after you a bit more. Good luck!

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