Should i ask a girl out on fb?

I want to ask a girl out on facebook. And yes thats the only way i get to talk to her because she doesnt have a cell phone. I had asked her out before at a school dance but she said no because she didnt know me enough. Now im getting mixed feelings from her and still wanna ask out. Should i ask her out and how should i ask her out on facebook if i do?h. Now im getting mixed feelings from her and still wanna ask out. Should i ask her out and how should i ask her out on facebook if i do?


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I would suggest not asking her out over facebook. Since she doesn't have a cell phone I think maybe you should as her to hangout with you over facebook. Just like a "hey we should hangout, what are you doing right now?" So you don't have to go anywhere, you can just chill for a few hours. Then right before she goes home say "what are you doing Saturday (or Friday...or whatever day you wanna go out) because we should go to a movie (or wherever)" and wait for an answer. She might say "nothing." So then just say "Awesome 7 (or whatever time. haha)" And do it that way. It would be A LOT more cute! I've been asked out over facebook...It was one of the dumbest things ever. It was kind of disrespectful. I wouldn't do it.

Good luck!

Hope I helped!



there was this one SEXY lady I met at the YMCA I talked 2 her once and then I saw her again after long time I asked her out I told her my feelings toward her and she said she doesn't know me enough then I said then go out with me so you can know me enough and she kept on walking but I walked after her and I kept on touching her *** and put my arms around her nick and I wasn't shy when I ask her out ... girls likes that bro .. so yeah and now we go out and we made out and we even had sex and I got my d**** sucked by her and now Im planning 2 break up but she really love me now crazy I mean it getting 2 annoying how she calls me every single minute u know wat Im saying I don't think is good to ask a girl out on fb because it need 2 be face2face cuz they might think ur playing a game with them I mean showing ur friends or ur friends is writing for u ... I mean if a girl ask u out.. wouldn't be weird I mean u will be like is she serious or she is just playing around or you will be like is someone trying to play a game like her friends and see wat u thinking so yeah I suggest you to ask her out in real life and if you still wanna do it on fb all what u gotta do is tell her what ur hearts tell you 2 do yeah good luck bro!


no,in person


Be a man! Ask her out in person!


if you can't ask a person out in person then you shouldn't be asking them out at all


NO, that's so impersonal.


You should not ask a girl out on facebook. It is more romantic if you ask her in person. First make conversation, and flirt a little. And later ask her if she likes you. And take on from there


If you think you have a shot go ahead but in person is better. If you can't ask them out in person how are you going to act when your actually dating?