Girls, is this how you would react with a friend you like, or don't like? HELP! I'm Confused! 10pts!?

A while ago, this friend I like invited me to her church. Well, she's a verry traditional "church girl" who has admitted to little dating experience, yet I think she's BEAUTIFUL (inside and out). I sit with her every Sunday and a month into going, I was invited to a concert with this other girl who goes to the church. I said "yes" and I asked the friend that I like if she wanted to come too, but she declined and suggested I bring ANOTHER girl from church (who is verry unattractive but likes me) and that I ask that one out. When I said I did NOT like her, she said "well maybe you should dirty up before church and try not to look so cute if you don't want all the girls after you." The girl I went to the concert with also said she told the girl I like that it's "obvious I like her" and apparently the girl I like went into denial and didn't believe it and just kinda walked away but I thought it was OBVIOUS I liked her...

And just recently, I told her online about about this girl who walked up to me and asked if she could sit with me at lunch and was kinda flirting with me. My friend seemed was like "and you said, 'Sure baby, take a seat!'" and said how brave the girl was for doing that and started asking if I "got her digits." She asked if the girl was pretty and I didn't answer. I told her how I wasn't interested in her and she was like "so she wasn't pretty?" and I said "i've seen prettier" and she asked what we talked about etc. She also kept asking her name (which I refused to tell her). When I told her nothing else happened and we parted ways, she said "oh come on that's boring." The next day she was asking me again what her name was and again said it was a boring story "especially cause you didn't tell me her name!"

It's weird. One day she'll "jokingly" tell me to decline any random girls friend requests on facebook (after i found out some her friends like me) and then she'll say something like "you should ask her out" quietly, and looking down, when a mutual friend says his sister thinks I'm cute....


Ya I think she likes you too, she's toting with your head, flirting. Even church girls flirt too. I'm a Christian. Anyways, there's not gonna be any hard feelings in rejection anyways, you'll still be friends. Go for it(:


Im not a girl man but she likes you. Just ask her out it wont hurt anything and could only help.